Merch Informer Review | Is it Worth it 2023? (Free Coupon)

Merch Informer is the ONLY software for Amazon Merch on Demand


Merch Informer is a web based software that helps you to find winning Merch by Amazon designs to earn passive income from. It has tools to help you find trends, research keywords, track your designs and even includes royalty free vector packs and even a t-shirt design tool! Ready to get started with Merch Informer? Click here to get started!


  • HUGE time saver
  • Easy to find winning designs
  • Large array of tools for creating designs
  • Affordable


  • Creating favorites lists can be a bit slow


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links. I’ve been using Merch Informer for years, and it’s helped me earn a very healthy passive income. If you put in the hard work and effort with Merch by Amazon, you too can have success.

What is Merch Informer?

Merch Informer review

Merch Informer is a web based software that helps you to find winning t-shirt ideas so you can get inspiration for your own designs. The software has a number of powerful tools to help you search for designs that are already selling well with competitive BSR rankings, along with finding trending products to scale your Merch by Amazon business. Merch Informer also has a powerful online design tool with a huge selection of free Vector images so you can create your own designs with a few clicks.

Merch Informer is the number #1 software for scaling your Amazon Merch on Demand business.

What is the Amazon Merch on Demand Program?

Amazon Merch On-Demand is a service that allows you to sell your own products through the Amazon marketplace. It’s very similar to Shopify, but with one major difference: it doesn’t require any technical knowledge or design skills!

You can simple create and manage your product listings in minutes, and then use our automated fulfillment system to get them shipped. I love Amazon Merch on Demand because you can create a single design and add it to multiple pieces of clothing. (See image below)

Amazon Merch on Demand

I love Amazon Merch on Demand because you can create a single design and add it to multiple pieces of clothing. Merch Informer saves me hours every week in research and uploading.

– Luke

Product Research with Merch Informer

A big part of being successful with Merch by Amazon is product research to find designs that are selling well or currently trending. Inside the Merch Informer tool you can do this in multiple ways.

The first way is using the Products Search option.

  1. On the side bar, select the Product Research option:
merch informer product research

2. From here you can enter a seed keyword and select the Marketplace/Category you want to search. For this example, I used the seed keyword ‘police’.

merch informer keyword search

Note: The US Amazon marketplace is currently the biggest and that’s where I make 90% of my Merch by Amazon income. I suggest doing your Amazon Merch on Demand research here first.

– Luke

3. You’ll now receive details about the average BSR, price, and get an overall competition score. Scrolling down will show you popular shirts in this niche.

merch informer product research tool

4. On the sidebar, you’ll see related keywords that will give you additional ideas for market research.

5. Scrolling down further will also give you a keyword count from your seed keyword. You’ll notice ‘enforcement’, ‘blue’ and ‘machine’ are often linked with the keyword ‘Police’.

The keyword count helps to generate multiple new ideas to add to your seed keyword.

6. Once you find a winning design, you can click the heart icon and add it to a new idea list. The heart icon will turn red to indicate it’s on your favorites list.

merch informer tshirt research
The BSR shows rough estimated sales.

7. Once you’ve complied a list of shirts, you can access all your designs on the sidebar under the Favorites tab:

merch informer favorites bar

8. You can also save a keyword as a favorite if you intend on making multiple shirts in that niche.

Merch Hunter

I often check the Merch Hunter section to see what shirts are currently trending. Jumping on a new trend can often lead to a huge influx of new shirt sales. If you see a particular design, slogan or idea beginning to spike, get a few of your own shirts up to capatalize on the wave!

Merch Informer Pricing

Right now there’s currently two options if you’d like to get started with Merch Informer. Like most software, you can choose between monthly pricing & yearly pricing. By selected yearly pricing you’ll save yourself a few bucks each month.

All of the plans come with a free trial so you can see which option is best for you.

If you’re just get started with Merch by Amazon (Amazon Merch on Demand) the newbie plan is a great place to start.

Merch Informer Monthly Pricing

Merch Informer Yearly Pricing:

What’s Included in the Plans:

Merch Informer Alternatives

If you have the patience and the time you could potentially use some of the tools below to manually look for t-shirt designs on Amazon. Personally I find Merch Informer saves me hours a week and using one tool rather than 2-3 free ones is way easier. The tools below don’t do the exact thing as Merch Informer, but combined together you could achieve some of what Merch Informer does.

Speeding Up Merch Research

One of the things I love the most about using the Merch Informer software is how much time it saves me each week. Instead of manually searching for designs that I think might be doing well, I simply put in a seed keyword or click in the Merch Hunter section to see what new ideas might be trending. Now instead of mindlessly scrolling through category page after category page, you can spend minutes putting together a list of winning designs.

Using the Merch Hunter search module.

Keyword Research with Merch Informer

What a lot of people don’t realize is Amazon is a huge search engine much like Google. When people are looking for something in particular, they use keywords (search terms) to find the exact items they’re looking for.

Merch Informer and other software plugins allow you to see what keywords are being enter, the demand for that product and how competitive is it. Keywords play an important role in product research process.

Merch Informer Features

Wondering what features are included in the Merch Informer Software? Here’s the full list.

  • Product Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Trademark Tracking
  • Zero Setup Required
  • Merch Academy
  • Merch Designer (I love this feature!)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Merch Graphics Vector Pack
  • Free Access To The Single Upload Interface Automation

See the Merch Informer pricing page here

Keep Track Of Your Progress

Once you have your first bunch of designs upload to Merch by Amazon, you’ll begin to see sales coming in. I personally find it helpful to track my progress, and see how my designs are doing inside Merch Informer. You can do this in the Merch Tracker:

A cute mug I created.

Simple copy the ASIN number from the product URL and pasted it in and hit Save. Now when you login Merch Informer, you’ll be able to see how well the product is doing and if it’s increased in BSR search rankings. A handy tool for sure!

Graphic Packs

If working with a designer on Fiverr or Upwork isn’t your thing, and you prefer to create your own designs, you’re in luck! Including with your Merch Informer membership is a robust design tool. You can select between multiple products (all from Merch by Amazon) and then save templates, add clipart and text. If you’re a total newbie to t-shirt design this an awesome place to start!

merch informer tshirt designer
Using the Merch Informer Product Designer

Merch Informer Trademark Checker

The Merch Informer is one of the most underrated features of the software in my opinion. Most newbies make the mistake of getting accepted into Merch by Amazon to then copy trademarked designs and concepts.

This is a big no-no, and learning to do proper trademark research is really important. Thankfully, the process is much quicker now because Merch Informer has trademark research built into it’s Chrome Extension.

Once you fill in your t-shirt name and descriptions, it automagically searches those keywords and provides you with relevant warnings. Obviously this is a tool, and it’s only providing as much as information as it can gather.

If you’re still not 100% sure, use some common sense and check trademark research websites.

Using Merch Informer for Etsy, Amazon or Redbubble

When I was first building my Print on Demand business, I was spending so many hours manually uploading to multiple platforms each week. I’d create a design in MBA, then I’d upload it to Etsy, and then Redbubble, and then Teespring and then Shopify. It drove me INSANE!

Now, included as part of your monthly membership with Merch Informer you get a FREE tool to automatically upload to each platform. I would of paid twice the monthly fee to get access to a tool like that!

The Single Upload interface and place your designs in over 30 print on demand marketplaces. Crazy!

Merch Informer Free Trial

Merch Informer has a fantastic free trial which means you check out the software and see if it’s a good fit for you. You can access all the tools outlined in this blog post and it’s quick and easy to get started with.

The Merch Informer Blog

Having an active blog is a sign of a business that has it’s finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry. Merch Informer has one of the best blogs I’ve found on Print on Demand and what’s currently working for t-shirt sellers.

Neil and his team regularly update the blog and it has thousands of comments from the Merch Informer community. Check it out here.

The Best T-Shirt Designers To Use

Once you’ve done your research on Merch Informer, you’ll obviously need to create some designs. One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first started with Amazon Merch on Demand was spending hours and hours trying to create winning designs.

Sure, if you’re down to your last dollar or you have a background in graphic design go ahead and design your own shirts. However, if you want designs that will be 1000x better than what you can create, head over to fiverr.com or upwork.com and hire a t-shirt designer.

For $5 you can get a winning design created in less than 24 hours (sometimes even a few hours!). I’ve personally found that a winning design will often outsell an average design, so it’s worth the small investment you’ll make – trust me!

Is there a good Merch Informer coupon code?

Good news guys, Merch Informer often runs some pretty sweet deals! Right now you can use this link to get a discount:

Should You Get Merch Informer?

If you want to take Merch by Amazon seriously and turn into a passive income stream that generates consistent monthly cash flow, then I honestly recommend you check out Merch Informer. So, if you’re:

  • Looking to grow a passive income stream
  • Want time freedom
  • Don’t want to be stuck in a job you hate forever
  • Want more time with family
  • A creative person who wants to make a nice side income
  • Looking for one of the best side hustles
  • Want to make $1,000+ a month online
  • A student who needs extra money
  • Wanting to work from home

Amazon Merch on Demand and Merch Informer can help you reach that goal!

Merch Informer Review – Conclusion

By now you can probably tell, I’m a pretty huge fan of the Merch Informer software. In many ways, it’s changed my life for the better. I now spend my time doing research and hunting for winning designs rather than painstakingly designing t-shirt designs that might never sell.

If you like the idea of growing a Print on Demand business the smart way, Merch informer is only way to go. For the cheap monthly price of $9.99 it’s almost a no brainer!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Merch Informer used for?

    Merch Informer is a research and design tool to help you find winning Amazon Merch on Demand designs. Once you find these winning designs you can upload them to Amazon and other print on demand platforms with a few clicks.

  2. Is Merch Informer free to use?

    Merch Informer does have a free trial available, however once the trial is over you’ll need to select between the newbie or professional plan. The newbie plan starts at $9.99 per month and the professional plan starts at $19.99.

  3. Can I use Merch Informer for redbubble?

    Yes! Once you find and create designs with Merch Informer you can upload them to multiple Print on Demand platforms including Redbubble! Merch Informer also has a multi upload tool so you can easily send designs to Redbubble.

  4. Can I use Merch informer for Etsy?

    Yes! Merch Informer has a direct integration with Etsy to upload designs. This means you can quickly and easily send designs to Etsy in a few clicks.

  5. Can I use Merch informer for Teespring?

    You can definitely take your designs created in Merch Informer and add them to Teespring! Teespring is also a great passive income stream and one I recommend I suggest you add to your portfolio.

  6. What does BSR mean on Merch Informer?

    An Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a number that nearly every product in its multi-million product catalog is awarded once the item has had at least one sale. For that reason, the BSR is a good indicator of how well a product is currently selling on Amazon. The lower the product’s BSR, the better its sales.

  7. Does Merch by Amazon cost money?

    Currently it’s free to start a Merch by Amazon (Amazon Merch on Demand) account. However, creating and researching designs with Merch Informer starts at $9.99 after the free trial period.

  8. How long is the free trial on Merch informer?

    Merch Informer has a 3-day free trial available, which means you’ll have plenty of time to check out how the software works and even create your first few designs.

  9. What is the Merch Informer app?

    Explore ALL the Merch by Amazon t-shirts sorted by sales and best sellers rank using the Merch Informer mobile app. The app gives you the power of Merch Informer on your mobile device so you can do market research on the go.

  10. What is the best website for Making Merch?

    Right now, I’d suggest using either Canva.com, Gimp.com or the included Merch Informer design tool. If design isn’t your thing, use fiverr or upwork to hire a designer.

  11. What is considered a good BSR?

    There’s a lot of talk in the Merch by Amazon communities about what a good BSR is; the truth is you should try and aim somewhere around 10,000-50,000. Typically anything above 10,000 is going to be difficult to rank for and might require paid Amazon Ads.

  12. How do you check a trademark using Merch Informer?

    Understanding how trademarks work is a key part of being successful on Amazon Merch on Demand. That’s why Merch Informer has built a very handy tool that lets you quickly and easily search for trademarks. Simply install the Productor Chrome extension and you’re good to go!

Merch Informer Review

After successfully using Merch Informer to grow my Merch by Amazon business over several years, I go through all the pros and cons of using the software.

Price: $9.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web

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