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My #1 Keyword REsearch Tool
lowfruits.io full review

An Amazing Keyword Research Tool

Low Fruits offers an incredible suite of keyword research tools to help you find ‘low hanging fruit’. I’ve used the tool over the last few months and already had several posts rank on the first page of Google. LowFruits.io comes highly recommended!

I’ve been in the digital marketing space for over 10 years now, and I’ve used pretty much every keyword research tool you’ve ever heard of. It’s a big part of what I do every day. But occasionally a new one comes across my desk, and after I give it the once over I take the time to see how it stacks up against my current SEO tool of choice RankIQ.

Right now, Google has a strong focus on E-E-A-T, which is all about becoming an expert in a certain vertical. (Digital marketing for example). A big part of E-E-A-T is topical authority.

Topical authority basically means multiple blog posts, videos, and informational content on a particular topic. 

For example, I wrote multiple articles on the Amazon Influencer Program, Amazon Live Streaming and how to find Amazon Influencers in an effort to get Google to rank me as an expert on that topic. (Once I have an update on how that did I’ll put together a case study).

But finding the ideal long-tail keywords to write articles on can be a time-consuming process. That’s where LowFruits comes in.

It’s an awesome way of finding multiple low-competition keywords that you can write articles about. 

LowFruits also has one of the best blogs on building niche sites and ranking that I’ve found. The owner (Paul) is clearly an expert on SEO and affiliate site-building. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his case studies and seeing his sites grow and finding out the growth of those sites. Always nice to see how the owner of a SaaS uses it day to day. Great stuff Paul/Dim! 

In this article, I’m going to show you how lowfruits.io works, how to use seed keywords, and how the blue fruits/green fruits system works for ranking keywords. Plus I’ll also let you know if it’s worth paying for, or just grabbing the initial free trial. 

Lets-a-go! ? (yes, I just watched the new Mario movie)

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What is lowfruits.io?

Lowfruits.io is a keyword research tool that helps you find low-competition keywords, that can be highly profitable. It’s one of the best ways I’ve found to find topics and questions that you can easily outrank with a high-quality or ai article. 

low fruits io review

You can enter a single seed word or use wildcard terms (something I’m doing a lot of) to find ‘low fruits’ already ranking in the SERPs (search engines). Personally, I think it’s a great way to find clusters of keywords that you can write multiple articles on. The ‘suggestions’ tab is incredibly helpful too. More on that soon.


The interface is clean, easy to use, and fast to move around. I actually love the look and feel of the interface. It reminds me of Material-U or Android 14. Super slick and well-organized.

Personally, I don’t think I’ve used another low-competition keyword tool like lowfruits.io before. What it’s really doing is taking the seed keyword you provide, and scanning the SERPs to see if Reddit, Quora, and other high DA/DR sites are ranking for a particular keyword. (Amazon for example).

It then tells you if there are relevant keywords – “low fruits” or low-hanging fruit opportunities in the SERPs that you could outrank with a well-crafted piece of content. Basically helping you to see the keyword difficulty of your chosen keyword. It also tells you the keyword count for the articles ranking, what spot they’re ranking, and if it’s worth your time to write an article for that topic.

The more fruits the keyword has, the easier it’s going to be to rank for that keyword. Which means more $$ and more revenue for your blog ?

Pros and Cons of LowFruits.io

Product Pros

  • Awesome interface. Very modern, slick, and fast loading.
  • I love the credit/tokens system. It’s a great way to do keyword research
  • The LowFruits blog is awesome.
  • The wildcard search option is incredible. I’ve already found some incredible keyword ideas. Love this feature.
  • The owner (Paul S) clearly knows how to build niche sites and it shows all the options inside low fruit. If you’re a niche site builder, or affiliate blogger you absolutely need to spend time checking out low fruits. 
  • Huge time saver to find low-competition keywords you can easily rank for

Product Cons

  • Small learning curve
  • The tutorials could be better/more robust
  • Too many keywords to write content for now lol ?

How I Find Profitable Keywords:


Like most keyword tools, everything in Low Fruits starts with the initial seed keyword. So for example, if I used ‘best bike’ as my initial keyword, Low Fruits would go and find all the relevant keywords for “best bike”. Pretty straightforward forward right? 

lowfruits kw finder

But, if you use a wildcard with a seed keyword, that’s where things get really interesting. Now I’m getting keywords I never would have thought of: 

using wildcard search in lowfruits.io

You can even do multiple keyword wild cards in a single search. So think “best bike * with *” – now you’re getting even more long-tail keywords. 


A short video showing you how I currently use lowfruits:

After you hand-select keywords that you think would be good money page keywords, it’s time to check them on the SERPs and see if they’re a low-fruit contender. 

I normally click about 10 keywords at a time, and then let the software go out and review the SERPs to see if they’re worth my time. The process takes about 1-2 minutes each time you run the report. You can still move around the interface while the reports are being generated which saves time. 

You also have a few other options to include/exclude certain keywords/terms:

And if you want to set the Max Authority, (making it really really easy to rank), you can do that with the box to the right. Personally, I haven’t spent a heap of time customizing options on this screen. I typically enter my keyword with a wildcard *, hit find and comb through the results Low Fruits brings back. 

include exclude keywords with lowfruits

I’ve found some absolute cracker keywords doing this. 


Once you comb through your keyword list and select the keywords you want to write content for, these will automatically go to your Reports screen. You can have unlimited reports, unlike the reports from Rank IQ.

You can go back to each report and then edit the settings so you’re only seeing a certain max DA or if you want to see PAA (people also ask) results. AND (this is really cool), if you want, you have the option to share the report via a link. Really handy if you’re working with clients or external content writers or writersaccess.com

Such a great idea to be able to go back to a report and zero in even further to what you want. 

using lowfruits reports to find low competition keywords
using best keywords with lowfruits

Bulk import

The bulk import function is super helpful. Let’s say you use a service like keywordshitter.com or ask the public to generate a heap of keywords and you want to do a quick bulk volume/low competition keyword search.

This is a strategy I see advanced SEOs like Matt Diggity using. Simply head over to the bulk import, pop in the keywords, and you’re off to the races. 

This would be really handy if you want to build out a niche site super quickly. You could have 2-3 keyword clusters built out in a matter of a few minutes. (I’m learning more about the importance of topical authority right now so this function is a huge win).

finding winning keywords with lowfruits.io

Using Lists

If you’re going after topical authority on a particular topic, lists are going to be your best friend. This is where you can select a long list of keywords and add them to a list (perfect for silos/clusters). 

I haven’t found myself using lists all that much, but it’s nice to have them there if I find a use for them down the track. 

using lists inside lowfruits.io

Is LowFruits Beginner Friendly?

I’ve used keyword research tools for over 10 years, so I know a thing or two about choosing the right seed keyword to find the best opportunities. That being said, LowFruits makes the whole process a simple and straightforward process after signing up, providing helpful guidelines on what each of their dashboard stats means within your keyword report area. 

I find the user interface, slick, well laid out, and intuitive to navigate. Meaning that once you’re signed up, you’ll be finding low hanging ‘fruits’ in no time at all!

Compared to its competitors, I would say LowFruits is beginner friendly and fun to use with a very small learning curve.

Pricing of lowfruits.io

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about Lowfruits is the billing and pricing system. I always find myself signing up for multiple monthly trials and billing programs. I often lose track of the things I’ve signed up for and before I know it, I’ve got 20+ programs billing me each month. Not ideal.

lowfruits pricing

That’s why I really love low fruits, and I think it’s a great option for anyone just getting started with SEO/affiliate blogging. You can opt to buy token credits rather than pay a monthly bill. I decided to go for the $25 – 2,000 credit option. I’ve found 2,000 credits is really stretching a long way because I’m spending the time manually looking for low-fruit keywords that I know will help my niche sites grow. 

There’s also the following credits option if you’re a heavy user:

PriceMonthly Credits
$25 Per Month2000 credits
$60 Per Month5000 credits
$100 Per Month10,000 credits
$250 Per Month50,000 credits
Great pricing options for all budgets.

The thing with the credits system is you have to do manual keyword research. Here’s a short video showing you the process I use:

  1. Enter a seed keyword or keyword + wildcard 
  2. Let Lowfruits.io check the SERPs 
  3. Use the ‘fetch volume’ button in the top right corner to a rough idea of search volumes
  4. After it comes back with keywords, manually check valuable keywords. these typically need to match your niche. (how to, can i, should I are always good options). 
  5. After you’ve selected a few keywords, click the ‘SERPs’ option.
  6. Each keyword will use a single credit from your purchased keywords. You can see how 2,000 credits will easily stretch a few months or more.
lowfruits monthly pricing options

If you’re running a large site, and you hate the idea of doing manual keyword research, lowfruits does have an automated option that’ll go through all the keywords from your seed word, give you the organic traffic/search volumes and they prune out the best keywords.

This will eat through your credits much quicker, especially if you have a keyword with heaps of search volume.

Going for a monthly billing option might be a better option for you if you’re a power user.

Here are the monthly billing options:

  • Standard | $29 per month | 3,000 credits per month
  • Premium | $79 per month | 10,000 credits per month


lowfruits billing options, monthly billing and credits
  • $249 a year | 3,000 credits per month (awesome value!)
  • $749 a year | 10,000 credits per month (cheap!)

Support & Live Chat

LowFruits has both a live chat and a support ticket system if you run into any issues while using the software. It also has your typical support articles for the most common issues you might experience along the way. 

using low fruits live chat feature

The Live Chat uses Help Scout Beacon which I’ve seen on other sites and seems to be easy to use for instant chat support. 

lowfruits.io support articles

I’d be lying if I told you I’ve had to use their support though. I haven’t run into any technical issues or problems with billing. 

How I’m using lowfruits.io with ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo, KoalaWriter & Agility Writer

Right now I’m running two sites. This site and one that’s primarily an AI-based site. I’m not going to give away too much about that site just yet, but what I will say is lowfruits is helping me find keywords to write AI content for. 

Depending on the keyword, and the competition for that keyword, if I can get an article created with AI that’s 90% of what I’d expect from a human writer, I test adding it to my site to see what happens. 

So far, it’s been okay. Not perfect, but still pretty decent. The pages I’m creating are ranking in Google, and I’m still ironing out my structure for each piece of content. 

I’ve been using koalawriter.sh and Agility writer to see which one produces the best article, with a low ‘AI written’ score. I’m currently aiming for about 80-90% human-written content using Originanility.ai

In saying that, Google has said that as long as the content is ‘useful’, they’ll rank it like any other form of content. (I have a strong feeling this will change in the future, but for now, you can use chatGPT/jasper to create content and rank). 

Finding keywords, or small silos to create content on with lowfruits really speeds up the whole process. I can now spend 10-15 minutes looking for long tail keywords that I can rank for, create an article, tweak it, and have it on my site within an hour. 

That’s really what ai content is all about: speed

Lowfruits + ChatGPT/Content Writers is a great combo IMO. Once I get a system in place I share it on the site, but for now, I’m still testing and tweaking things to see what works best.


Our Take

I’m finding myself using lowfruits.io more and more at the moment. It saves me a bunch of time each week and it’s an awesome way to dig into a single topic in more detail. 

Personally, I think if you’re looking for a very affordable keyword tool that helps you find ‘low-hanging’ fruit, you’ll love low fruits. It’s easily one of the best tools for finding keywords that you can rank quickly for. And best of all – it’s very affordable! Click the button below to try out LowFruits.io

4.8 out of 5
Best ForNiche Affiliate Bloggers
Better thanAhrefs
Ease of useExcellent

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