I’m Luke.

I’m a digital marketer, content creator, and busy dad. I’ve been digital marketing, copywriting and making money online since 2008. This blog is designed to help you make the best choices for software, marketing products and sales funnel strategies.

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Digital Marketing Guides, Software Reviews and Sales Funnel Strategies.

If you run any kind of digital marketing campaign, sales funnel, digital ads or online marketing I share what’s working right now in 2023. Make your marketing dollars go further and see what the professionals use and recommend.

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10 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

Here’s how I can help you:

Software & Tools

Real software reviews from someone who actually uses digital marketing tools every day.

Sales Funnels

Running a sales funnel to generate new leads, emails or eCommerce sales? I’ve got you covered.


I LOVE copywriting. I’ve spent over $10k on professional copywriting programs and AI writing tools.

Passive Income

Digital marketing can help you create a number of powerful passive income streams. Find out what’s working without the gurus.

Helping you with solid digital marketing advice and sales funnel strategies.