ARC Browser Review | Time to Finally Ditch Chrome in 2023

My New Daily Driver

ARC is the browser to beat in 2023

ARC is the future of web browsing, it provides users with a light weight, fun to use design thats built on the Chromium platform (so all Chrome extensions work). It’s now my daily driver!


  • Free!
  • Privacy Built in
  • Fun themes
  • Designed for Work & Play
  • Amazing built in tools
  • Syncs well between multiple devices
  • Super quick updates


  • Not currently available for Windows or iOS (Update: New iOS app incoming)

Good news people! ARC is currently beta-testing a brand-new Windows version. It should be available to the wider public within the next month or so. YAY! ?

What is ARC Browser?

In 2023, we’re spoilt for choice when selecting a web browser. In this short article we review the new kid on the block – Arc from The Browser Company. If you’ve been wondering how it competes with the likes of Safari, Chrome and Firefox, this article will cover everything in detail.

Let’s hope to it!

Update: I’ve now been using ARC for 6 months. See my long-term review here

Awesome Arc Features

Arc browser has a number of great features that make it a great choice for web browsing. It has built-in ad-blocking, so you don’t have to worry about intrusive ads appearing in your webpages. It also features a private browsing mode to keep your data secure, and it has a host of customization options so you can tweak the browser to your liking. Additionally, Arc browser has a number of tools to help you manage your tabs, bookmark pages, and keep track of your browsing history.

Arc Spaces

Arc Browser Spaces is a tool that allows you to create virtual workspaces on your computer. It lets you organize your applications, documents, and files into separate, customizable workspaces, allowing you to easily switch between tasks without having to manually open and close multiple windows. It also allows you to save and share your workspaces with other users, so you can easily collaborate on a project with other people.

ARC browser spaces
You can create a new Space for work, personal or anything in between!

Arc Sidebar

The Arc browser sidebar is a handy tool that allows you to easily access your favorite websites, bookmarks, and more. Simply click on the sidebar icon to open it up, and then you can browse through your options. You can also customize the sidebar to include your own personal links, so that you can always have them close at hand.

Arc browser sidebar
The sidebar is a great spot to add your most visited sites and socials.

Arc Chrome Extension Plugins

Because Arc is built on Chromium, it means you can install your favorite extensions from the Google Chrome Web store and use them as you normally would. All the plugins are hidden away in the top right hand corner making them easy to access whilst still keeping a very clean look.

arc browser chrome plug ins
Your plugins are neatly hidden away in the top right corner

Arc Split Screen Mode

Using the split screen mode in Arc Browser is simple. Just open the two tabs or windows that you want to view side-by-side, then click the split screen icon in the Arc Browser toolbar. Your tabs or windows will be rearranged into a split screen view, with each one taking up half of your screen. You can adjust the size of each window by dragging the dividing line between them. To exit split screen mode, just click the split screen icon again.

Arc browser split screen mode
Split screen mode is absolutely AWESOME!

Arc Picture in Picture

My absolute favorite feature of Arc is the Picture in Picture mode. It allows you to watch a YouTube video in a seperate window (thats completely resizable) and scroll through your email, Facebook newsfeed or reddit feed in another tab. The PiP also has all the normal video controls like Play/Pause, skip and volume which is really handy. I often watch a YouTube Clip on my second monitor and keep notes on my laptop at the same time.

Arc browser picture in picture mode
The Arc PiP mode is superb! Huge win in my books.

Arc Easels

You know how Apple Notes is a really handy way to keep screenshots, notes and scribbles in one convenient spot? Well, now you can do it all in your favorite web browser! Inside Arc, simple hit the Camera icon in the address bar, make a selection and then choose ‘new easel’. From here you can add text, drawings, and additional screenshots. You can even share an easel with others using the sharing settings.

The Arc Easel is a great way to add screenshots, drawings and more.

Arc Browser Privacy

Arc browser has a built-in privacy feature that allows you to browse the web privately and securely. You can have peace of mind that your data is both private and secure when saving passwords and web browsing – plus there’s a great in built ad blocker!

Is Arc Browser Free?

Yes! Arc is completely free to download and includes weekly updates. It is a modern, sleek web browser thats currently available for Mac and Windows in the near future.

Arc Browser vs. Google Chrome

Both Arc browser and Google Chrome are great choices for web browsing. However, they have some differences that might make one a better option for you than the other. Arc browser is built on the Chromium open source engine, so its UI and features are very similar to those of Chrome.

Google Chrome is a more popular option and has more advanced features, such as built-in malware protection, parental controls, and more. Ultimately, the best choice for you depends on your specific needs and preferences.

After using both options for the last 3-4 months side by side, I can tell you that ARC runs faster on my Mac and feels much lighter (less resource hungry) than chrome. Plus, I still have access to all of the plug ins I use in my daily job as a digital marketer.

Originally ARC had a minor issue with synced my opened spaces/tabs, but they’ve quickly fixed the issue and it now works flawlessly between my MBP and M2 Mac Mini.

I’m hoping the mobile version of the browser is just as good too. ?

Install Arc Browser Themes (Free)

There are two ways to install Arc Browser themes. The first is to download a theme from the Arc Browser website, unzip it, and then copy the contents to the Arc Browser installation directory. The second is to use the Arc Browser Theme Manager, which can be found in the Arc Browser settings.

Arc browser themes
Changing your theme in Arc is heaps of fun.

Arc Browser for Android or iOS? (Updated!)

No, currently Arc is only available for Mac and doesn’t have a mobile browser. That’s not to say it won’t have one in the near future – stay tuned for more updates!

Update: Hey guys, since I originally put this article together, ARC has announced that they’re releasing a new iOS version of their awesome browser. The announced date for the first version is 30th of March (today!). If you head to the iOS app store, you may or may not see it there, however there’s a great article over on that outlines why it might not be a direct replacement for your current browser just yet. I’ve personally signed up for the beta release and I’ll update this blog post once I’ve had some time to test drive it on my iPhone 13 Pro. Watch this space!

arc browser for ios

Where to download Arc Browser

You can currently download Arc through the following link: Download (Note: You might need to join the wait list). ARC is actually still in beta at the moment so it’s not available to the general public. However, if you have a friend using the browser they can send you an invite through the browser itself (Arc > Gift to a friend). I have a few invites available if you want one – just shoot me an email!

Is Arc Worth Using?

Yes! Arc has recently become my daily web browser due to it’s amazing set of features, beautiful themes and in built privacy. We highly recommend it to anyone wanting to move to a new browser to enjoy the internet again.


Is Arc browser only for Mac?

Currently, Arc browser is available to download for Mac, however, The Browser Company has announced that it will also be available for Windows-based computers in the near future.

Is Arc browser a Chromium?

Yes, Arc browser is based on Chromium. It’s both fast and secure. It also means you can add all your Chrome plug-ins and extensions – woop! ?

Is Arc browser for Mac?

Yes! If you own a Mac (both M1 silicon and Intel) you can download the Arc browser here.

Is Arc Better Than Google Chrome?

To be honest, one of the things I love about ARC is the fact that everything I did in Chrome is also available in ARC. But the kicker is that Arc is so much faster, prettier and lighter. It does so many things right!

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