Why I’m Building a SaaS Company

So it’s been a while since I’ve done anything on the blog. And mainly that’s because for the effort that I was putting into the blog, I simply wasn’t seeing a return on my time. And I know that blogging is a very long term strategy. It takes a long time to build up readership.

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And there’s been a lot of updates to Google recently in terms of the helpful update content. And I know that blogging is a just a very long term strategy. So, I went on a bit of a journey. I set out to find a new business model that suited my life and my lifestyle. Suited what I wanted long term.

And, it took me on a very strange journey of trying different things. I actually discovered a lot about myself. And for a long time, I thought maybe it was just starting an agency and helping a business, a particular business vertical that I was interested in. And I went down that journey and funnily enough, it did lead me to where I wanted to go.

But it wasn’t what I was expecting to end up in and where I’ve ended up now is not so much offering marketing services, which, although I am very good at, and now I’ve done a lot of over the last 12 years, I’ve actually landed in a new space, which is creating a SaaS. Now, if you’re not familiar. SaaS stands for software as a service.

And essentially what the software does is it helps a business in some way. So to give you a prime example, right now I’m recording my voice into Descript and Descript is a piece of software that That translates your voice into text. It also has video editing capabilities and I really enjoy using this software because it helps my business in many ways.

Watch Me Grow my SaaS

SaaS Companies Suit My Lifestyle

And for a long time, I wanted to just review software because I always enjoyed using it. It made many aspects of my business seamless and quicker to do and much easier, and I thought. You know, I would make money and make possibly some sort of career out of reviewing software on my blog here. And..

Without going into too much detail, yes I do make money through affiliate sales when people read my blog and they purchase software from my blog content and whilst that’s amazing and affiliate marketing is a great business model, unfortunately it is very slow and at the end of the day if I ever wanted to exit my blog, I don’t really own a real business, I simply have an income stream.

Whereas SaaS as a business model is probably, I would say one of the best, if not the best business models currently available in the online space. And there are so many different ways to create SaaS or to run a SaaS now that it’s almost limitless what you can do. I did a lot of homework on products like Go High Level.

Which I love, I think it’s an incredible piece of software and go high level gives you the ability to white label almost anything. So, you know, there’s AI bots there’s calendars, there’s websites, there’s literally, you know, like connecting Facebook ads and Google ads using Uphex, the list goes on and on and on.

Go High Level Is Great, But…

And. I know there are a lot of people in the GoHighLevel space that are doing very, very well. And I started looking into it and all the different services that GoHighLevel had. And I stumbled across a service that really caught my attention, which was reputation management. And I’d never really heard of reputation management.

I knew that there’s companies out there that if you have things online that, you know, might be bad reviews or things that are ruining your reputation because they’re on the first page of Google, that those things. Could be taken down or you can go down a pathway to try and get those reviews taken down because they do hinder your reputation online.

Reputation Management Business Model (SaaS)

However, local business reputation is a different beast altogether. And for a lot of local businesses, they heavily rely. On Google, they heavily rely on Trustpilot, they heavily rely on Menulog, and online platforms to continually send them new business. And that’s it. Go high level does have this functionality built in.

It has the ability for people to manage their reputation online. However, it is limited in comparison to some of the other platforms in the reputation management space. So I did homework. I found out what platforms are available. Many of them are very good. Many of them. have multiple connections up to 50 different pieces of software that all connect into one SaaS.

And they’re all excellent in what they can do for a local business. And the, the pricing point is very competitive for a local business. It’s very affordable somewhere between 99 and 299 a month, which I think is very competitive. And I I basically went down the track of building a SaaS around reputation management.

It took me close to three weeks to get everything set up. So a new website marketing I actually ordered flyers to do mail drops. I’ve ordered NFC. Cards and stands and stickers and all the things that a local business would use to generate more, more Google reviews on a consistent business.

Now, Google probably is the primary source of reviews. Most businesses in the local space rely on Google. Google’s review system. So if they’re getting more reviews on Google, they’re getting them more consistently and they’re having to do less to generate those reviews. That’s a huge win for a local business and they will pay for that.

So I wanted to create blog content and possibly a YouTube content in the near future around reputation management, because Having worked with businesses already that are using the software, I’m already seeing the many advantages of having this in place. Now, obviously the review side of things is very powerful, but there’s an added benefit that I had no, no idea about as a digital marketer, but am now seeing happening in real time.

And that is the fact that when you get more reviews. You get them more regularly. You get varied reviews. You get reviews from Google authorized local guides. You begin to rank higher. And ranking higher on Google is for a local business, they’re bread and butter. And let me give you a prime example.

How Reputation Management Helps Businesses

Let’s say you’re in a town, let’s 200,000 people. And in that town, there are two bakeries and those two bakeries offer gluten free and dairy free products. Now, if one of those businesses has a steady flow of Google reviews and they have lots of pitches and they reply to the people that leave reviews and they have, you know, maybe people put up they’re consistently getting reviews all the time and they’re replying to them and they’re engaging with them.

And the other business isn’t doing that. The first business is going to absolutely crush it in Google. They will outrank them so far. And until the other business does something about that, they’re going to get left behind. They will be miles behind and it’s just, it’s going to be so hard for them to catch up.

And this is why reputation management is so important to a local business. I mean, honestly, I’ve done in marketing over the last 12 years, you know, I’ve charged people 5, 000 retainers and I’ve charged people 3, 000 retainers. Having something like this in a local business is so powerful and so affordable.

So what I’m doing with my blog moving forward is I’m documenting the journey because right now I’m probably in the very early stages, I have currently five people on trial for the software and my strategy right now is using cold email mass cold email to reach certain verticals offering the service to them.

I’m Following No Code Alex

Now. The person I’m following, if you want help with this, the person I’m following, his name is NoCodeAlex. And NoCodeAlex is a guy that I found on YouTube and he has a really good blog actually. And he talks a lot about how he would start he’s journey if you’re creating a new SaaS, so I’m kind of following his methodology.

The first thing is to scale out cold emails. So on Friday I brought a couple of domains. I hooked them up to a piece of software called Smart Lead. The campaign launched this morning and I can see that it’s just slowly trickling out. it’s It’s a very controlled system. So to begin with, I’ve got five domains, those five domains will send five emails a day, and then that will slowly increase as the campaign picks up speed.

I’m actually trying multiple verticals to begin with. And the reason I’m doing that is, the software and the solution is definitely something that can help pretty much any local business type. I’ve got a couple that I know it will definitely work for, but because it’s a software that can help pretty much any kind of business there’s no real limit to how far.

I can scale it in terms of verticals. What I think will probably happen here is I’ll find three or four verticals that it works very well for. And then I’ll just kind of concentrate my attention on those. So that’s where I’m at right now. I’m going to continue to blog. The blogging will probably not be to the same level that I’ve done in the past is simply because I’m just recording my voice and I’m getting Descript to just Write it in text format.

I’ll also put the audio version in the blog so that you can follow along. But this is just going to be my journey of starting a SaaS and growing it. My goal, my ultimate goal is to get it to about 50 clients a month. And then I think I’ll get to the stage where I will probably sell it. I don’t know.

6-10x Multiplier to Sell SaaS Companies

I don’t know if I’ll sell it. I don’t know. I think I might, and then I might do another SaaS build similar to what NoCodeAlex is doing. But I just really like the SaaS model because it, it can help businesses. It’s not overly expensive. It’s got a high stick rate. There’s a lot you can do with it. And like I said, I can kind of go into any niche because it can help pretty much any type of local business.

So I hope you enjoy this guys. And if you want to follow along with the blog I might occasionally put an affiliate product in there if I think it’s something that’s valuable. I’ve started using smart lead, which I think is a very good piece of software. I’d never heard of it before, but it’s pretty amazing.

But there might be an occasional link to a product that I’ll get a small kickback from, but yeah, I hope you enjoy the, the blog content guys. I’ll chat with you soon.