Submagic.co Full Review: Best AI-Powered Subtitles and Captions for 2024

#1 Caption Creator

SubMagic.co AI Caption Creation

SubMagic.co helps you to create engaging captions through the power of AI automation. You can use one of their pre-created templates which will automatically add sounds, captions and emojis with a few clicks. This software is a huge time saver for YouTubers, TikTokers and Marketing agencies.

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SubMagic Summary

Recently I’ve been taking video content from my Podcast, and exploring the various options to create short-form content. My goal is to grow my YouTube following with short, engaging 1-2 min videos.

SubMagic.co is an AI-based tool designed to help creators generate captivating captions for their video content effortlessly.

Now, instead of spending hours manually creating captions for videos, SubMagic.co can do it with a few clicks (Awesome! 🤩). SubMagic.co uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze your video content to generate captions that are not only accurate but also visually compelling.

submagic.co review
Using the SubMagic interface

Whether you are a content creator, social media influencer, or marketer, SubMagic.co intuitive platform allows you to easily create captions that elevate your video content and increase viewer retention.

Product Pros

  • Accurate Captions
  • Decent Templates (1 click)
  • B-roll transitions
  • Auto sound effects
  • Auto Hashtags

Product Cons

  • Free trial adds large watermark
  • Small learning curve

My Experience With SubMagic.co

I’ve tried several short-form video content creators recently, and whilst many of them are really powerful (see below), the caption feature on most of them is really limiting. In fact, none of them even come close to what SubMagic offers.

For short-form content, the captions play a massive role in keeping someone’s attention. I’d seen heaps of videos in my feed recently with extremely high-quality – well-synced captions (that included well-placed emoji’s 🙌), so I had to find out how they were created. Turns out, most of them use SubMagic!

A short video I created with SubMagic.co

My experience has been an extremely positive one with SubMagic.co. It’s super easy to use, it’s accurate, and it adds personality to any type of video you can think of. I personally started with the free trial just to see how the software worked, and that was enough for me to see it was going to be a great fit for my video podcast moving forward.

What is SubMagic.co?

Put simply, SubMagic.co is an AI-powered content creation platform designed to generate highly engaging captions with emojis for short-form content in under 2-3 minutes. It also offers an auto subtitle generator and automatic captioning for videos, making the content creation process much more efficient.

Who is SubMagic.co for?

  • YouTubers
  • Podcasters
  • TikTokers
  • Instagramers (Reels)
  • Course Creators
  • Influencers
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Short Form Content Agencies
Engaging Shorts in 3 Minutes or Less

Submagic.co is the easiest caption tool I’ve used for creating engaging, accurate short-form videos. Try it out today.

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What benefits does SubMagic.co provide?

Wondering what makes SubMagic so special? Here are three awesome benefits of using this AI-based caption tool.

Benefit #1: Add Sounds with One Click

Add sounds to key areas in your videos. For example: if you ask someone to like or subscribe to your video, you can easily click the text you want the audio clip to play and add whatever sound file you like. I love this feature!

adding sounds in submagic

Benefit #2: Use Premade Templates

Use templates that popular YouTubers/TikTokers are already using. For example, Alex Harmozi is obviously really popular on YouTube – and he has his own unique caption style. Well, with only a click you can easily replicate these colors, emojis and add it to your own videos.

premade templates in submagic.co

Benefit #3: Add B-roll with Ease

Add useful B-roll (or your own): If you have a small section of video where you’d like to show a short piece of B-roll content, simply click the ‘search B-roll’ section in SubMagic to find something relevant. Alternatively, you can upload your own videos and add them to your content with a few clicks.

SubMagic.co Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

Currently, SubMagic.co has 4 pricing tiers, which you can view here. But here are the two I think most content creators will want to check out.



Get Started for Free

Try if for free, every month

Free Trial

Standard includes:

  • 3 videos / month with watermark
  • 200MB / video
  • 1mn 30s max



Ideal if you are just starting in content creation.

Premium plan description. Phasellus sodales gravida lorem, ac accumsan eros facilisis vel.

Sign Up

Premium includes:

  • 20 videos / month
  • 200MB / video
  • 1mn 30s max
  • 3 custom templates

Added Features:

  • Plan Featured Item
  • Plan Featured Item

SubMagic Alternatives

1st Pick
capcut software vs submagic

CapCut is a free, all-in-one video editing app that enables users to create professional-quality content using their smartphones. It offers user-friendly features for cutting, reversing, and adjusting video speed to achieve the desired effects

2nd Pick

VEED.IO is a popular online video editor that leverages AI technology to provide features such as text-to-video, avatars, auto-subtitles, and voice translations for creating and editing videos. It is known for its user-friendly interface and seamless workflow, allowing users to record, edit, and share videos with ease.

3rd Pick

Descript AI is a comprehensive tool that allows users to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share videos and podcasts, utilizing AI technology for seamless content creation and editing. It offers a unique approach to audio and video editing by using AI to simplify the process through a simple text editor interface, making it an efficient solution for content creators.

Try Descript

Questions? We Have Answers.

Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about SubMagic.co

SubMagic is an AI-powered tool that helps content creators effortlessly generate accurate captions for their videos. It uses the power of AI to transcribe and create captions with enhanced accessibility, highlighting keywords and boosting viewer engagement.

SubMagic utilizes AI technology to transcribe audio, then analyzes and creates amazing captions which can be further enhanced with emojis, highlighted keywords, and more. It’s an AI-powered tool for content creators to save time and boost viewer engagement with trendy templates and dynamic emojis.

SubMagic offers a range of features like auto descriptions and hashtags, captions for videos generated by AI, and emojis and keyword highlighting. It is tailored to content creators that generate high-quality, trendy content in less time with an AI-powered tool that ensures enhanced accessibility and viewer engagement.

You can use SubMagic to transcribe and create captions for your videos, enhance them with emojis and highlighted keywords, and ensure boosted viewer engagement. It’s an effortlessly powerful AI tool for content creators to produce captivating and engaging content.

Conclusion – Is SubMagic.co Worth It?

If you’re creating YouTube Shorts, TikTok content, or you run some type of short-form video content agency – then SubMagic is an absolute MUST. The time you’ll save using this software is absolutely worth it. Plus, I love the fact that it automatically adds useful things like emojis, hashtags and sounds with just a few clicks.


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