KoalaWriter Review 2024 – The Easiest AI Writer To Recommend

Koala has a slick interface and it's easy and fast to use.

The Easiest AI Writer To Recommend

Koala Writer (koala.sh) is a powerful AI content writer that’s easy to use, well-priced and accurate. It produces SEO-rich content that’s fantastic for blogging and information sites. If you want quality AI content look no further than Koala Writer.


✅ Clean easy-to-use interface
✅ Multiple language support
✅ 1-Click SEO-friendly content
✅ Real-Time Results for accurate factual data
✅ Grabs relevant information from top 100 ranking sites
✅ ChatGPT 4.0 or ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo
✅ Affordable options
All the Pro Bloggers are using Koala.sh


👎 ChatGPT 4.0 content will use 4x your credit
👎 Occasionally freezes (rare though)

KoalaWriter is an AI writing tool that’s getting a lot of support from power bloggers like Jon Drykstra and Anne Moss. Personally, I’ve been using Koala.sh for just over two months now and I have to say, it’s really impressed me.

Is it better than Jasper.ai, Agility Writer, Writesonic or copy.ai? In some ways, yes it is. But is it the best ai writer in 2023? Well, let’s jump in and I’ll share my personal thoughts about this slick new kid on the block.

koala writer full review koala.sh

What is Koala.sh? (Koala Writer)

Koala.sh is a new ChatGPT-based AI content tool that creates long-form, SEO-friendly blog articles in a single click. It is designed with a minimalist interface and is ideal for writers who want a streamlined writing experience. It creates SEO-friendly, well-structured content that’s perfect for blogs, websites, and informational-based sites.

How Koala.sh Works

To get started with Koala.sh, all you need to do is input your desired topic or keywords into either the Koala Writer or Koala Chat section. Within a few minutes, KoalaWriter will spit out a well-structured article that’s generally well-optimized. To get started, you can sign up for free and get access to 5,000 free words (1 or 2 articles, depending on length). Signing up with give you access to both Koala Chat and Koala Writer.

How I’m Using Koala Day to Day

Right now, I’m using KoalaWriter on my niche site to create informational content based on low hanging fruit keywords.

Here’s what my typical workflow looks like:

  1. Jump into Low Fruits, enter a keyword, and enable the ‘PAA’ People Also Ask toggle so I can get questions related to my niche topic
  2. Ask Low Fruits to fetch volumes on the keywords that come up
  3. Find 5-10 keywords that I can rank in the SERPs for with low search volume (more green/blue fruits the better)
  4. Enter my keyword into KoalaWriter (koala.sh)
  5. Toggle the ChatGPT 4 option
  6. Set the SEO Optimization to ‘AI-Powered’ (I’m still testing this)
  7. Set the Tone of Voice to default or 2nd person, depending on the article
  8. Toggle on the ‘Real Time Search Results’ and ‘Use outline editor’
  9. Use the Outline Creator to map out how my article should be structured
  10. Sit back and wait a few minutes for the article to get created
  11. Copy the article to the clipboard and put it in a Google doc so I can start editing with Grammarly.
  12. Post to my site and add images with alt text.
  13. Hit Publish once I’m happy with everything! Done!

The whole process takes me 15-20 minutes per article, depending on how much editing and fact-checking I have to do. Much faster than the 2-4 hours I’d normally spend doing an informative article.

How A $200k Per Month Blogger is using Koala Writer (Read this)

I follow a few web publishers (bloggers) who are crushing it online, one of which is Anne from yeys.com

She recently created an awesome article about her process for using Koala.sh. If you wanna see how someone with a team of 20+ people uses AI to create content go read her article. Anne and her team are currently doing over $200k a month from web publishing so it’s well worth the read!

how anne moss uses koala writer

AI-powered Content Generation

Koala.sh utilizes advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to create well-structured, coherent content that accurately conveys key information on basically any topic. About a week ago, they just released a new update that now grabs data from the top 100 sites ranking on a topic to help you generate an even more comprehensive article.

Easy-to-use Interface

One of the most significant benefits of Koala.sh is its incredibly simple user-friendly interface. As a blogger or content creator, your main focus should be to create engaging content effortlessly without getting bogged down by complicated tools or software. Koala really strips back all the excessive options and overwhelm you typically find in other tools and gives you only what you need to create high-quality content.

Navigating through the platform is incredibly intuitive as it offers customizable writing options to suit your unique style and preferences. I felt right at home using Koala and I think it’s the easiest AI tool I’ve used to date. If you’re not tech-savvy, and you want a simple (yet very powerful tool) I think Koala is the best option in 2023.

I also love that it’s white text on a black background, making it a little easier on the eyes 🙂

Multiple Language Support

Koala.sh supports multiple languages, making it easy for writers and bloggers to create content in their preferred language.

Using the power ChatGPT, Koala Writer will automatically translate your written content into the target language while maintaining its original meaning and style.

Based on the research I did, It does this using a dialogue model trained using “Meta’s LLaMA on web-gathered data” in various languages. If you’re writing content for multiple languages, Koala has the smarts to help you output in languages other than English.

SEO Friendly Content

What sets Koala.sh apart from other AI writing tools is its focus on quality content creation. In fact, it’s much better than an entry-level writer that you’ll find on Upwork or Fiverr.

Koala sh writer creates SEO friendly content

Rather than churning out low-quality articles, the software generates long-form content with proper grammar and clear messaging. I’ve also noticed that there’s almost no repeated fluff content that I occasionally find with other tools. I personally use either SurferSEO or Rank Math SEO Plug-in and generally run all articles through its built optimization tool.

If you’re a Surfer SEO user, you’ll be happy to know that Koala.sh does an excellent job of creating high-scoring content right out of the gate.

Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable way to create SEO-friendly content without sacrificing quality, then KoalaWriter is right up there.

Koala Writer & Originality.ai

So a hot topic with all ChatGPT-powered content writers is being able to pass AI content detection using a tool like Originality.ai

Some popular YouTubers don’t even worry about AI detection, mainly because Google has said they don’t care how content is created, as long as it’s helpful to the reader. Whereas other publishers are taking the time to make their content as original as possible.

There’s really no wrong or right answer right now – because it’s been proven that chatGPT content will rank in the SERPs, as long as it’s considered helpful in Google’s eyes.

Personally, I still like to take the time to make my content feel personable, well-structured, and free of fluff. In saying that, koala.sh created content does do pretty well inside Originality.ai for anyone who cares about that metric:

koala sh originality ai score

Pros And Cons Of Koala.Sh

Product Pros

  • Clean easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple language support
  • 1-Click SEO-friendly content
  • Real-Time Results for accurate factual data
  • Grabs relevant information from top 100 ranking sites
  • ChatGPT 4.0 or ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo
  • Affordable options
  • All the Pro Bloggers are using Koala.sh

Product Cons

  • ChatGPT 4.0 content will use 4x your credits
  • Doesn’t save history (update: this is now fixed!)

Koala Writer vs Agility Writer vs Copy.ai vs WriteSonic:

Koala.sh, Agility Writer, and WriteSonic all differ slightly in their technology and content accuracy, customization and personalization options, and integrations with other tools.

Customization And Personalization

Koala.sh in my opinion takes a very simple ‘let me do all the heavy lifting for you’ approach to its AI content. You give it the keyword phrase you want to rank for, and it’ll go out and find what’s already working in the SERPs. This often feels like you’re giving more control over the tool, but that’s okay because it normally does an excellent job of the content.

Agility Writer, although pretty similar does a better job of helping you assemble the article based on other headings and articles from the SERPs. I feel like it does a better job of guiding you in creating headings/subheadings in your article. So if you like the idea of crafting your content, Agility might still be a better option.

Copy.ai is a template monster. There are literally templates for everything! If you love working with templates or you have a team of writers, copy.ai will probably be the best option. I think copy.ai is a fantastic option if you have a team of writers and your planning to output a tonne of content every week.

WriteSonic is the most well-connected of the bunch. It directly connects with Zapier, WordPress, and SurferSEO – meaning less time moving between multiple platforms. I plan to write a full review on WriteSonic soon so stay tuned for that one.

Integrations With Other Tools And Platforms

One of the key differences between Koala.sh, Agility Writer, and WriteSonic are their integrations with other tools and platforms. Currently, Koala Writer only hooks up to WordPress but doesn’t connect with Zapier or other API’s. There’s also no connection with SurferSEO if you want to fully optimize an article for SEO.

If you like the idea of creating workflows and automation, you might to look at WriteSonic as they have the best list of connections I’ve seen to date. They also have direct integration with SurferSEO.


pricing of koalawriter
Koala.sh Pricing

One of the standout features of Koala.sh is its affordability compared to other AI writing tools in the market. While some competitors charge exorbitant subscription fees, Koala.sh offers 3 very affordable pricing options.

I personally opted for the $25 plan which gives me 45,000 words per month. (roughly 5-10 long-form articles, depending on if I’m using ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo or 4.0)

I can see myself quickly moving to the 100,000 ($49 a month) option pretty soon though because I’m turning out a large number of articles at the moment. If you did want to try out Koala Writer for yourself, I’d love for you to use my affiliate link here:

Amazon Round-Up Posts are Awesome!

One of the inclusions in the Koala.sh blog post writer is the option to create an Amazon Round-Up post. If you run a niche site and you’re creating Amazon Affiliate content, Koala will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Simply tell Koala Writer what domain you want(amazon.com), the number of products to add, and if you want ‘first-hand experience’ enabled and Koala will do an amazing job of creating a product round-up for you.

This saves a HUGE amount of time if you run a niche site with ‘best of’ posts. Agility Writer has a similar built-in feature, but Agility lets you manually add the URL of each product you want to be compared. Both options are handy, but KoalaWriter is a bit more hands-off with its approach.

There’s also the option to embed your Amazon associate’s link directly into the article that Koala creates, meaning all the links inside the roundup are automatically created with your referral link. Another handy feature for anyone focused on ‘best of’ posts.

Click here if you want to see an example Amazon Round Up Post I created:

create a round up post with koalawriter

Limited Image Options

One of the limitations of Koala.sh is its AI-generated image options. While the AI tool excels in generating high-quality and original content, it doesn’t provide a wide range of images to use within that content.

Although Agility Writer and copy.ai do have the image generation tool built in, I still don’t have a use case for AI-created images just yet. I like that Koala.sh is sticking to content and not trying to be the ‘all in one’ platform like its competitors. There is a strong focus on quality content, that’s SEO-rich and ready to implement into your blog site.

I like that Koala.sh is sticking to content and not trying to be the ‘all in one’ platform like it’s competitors.


Comparison With Other AI Writing Tools

Let’s take a closer look at how Koala.sh stacks up against other AI writing tools like GPT-3, Copy.ai, Jasper.ai, and Writesonic – you might be surprised at how it stands out from the competition!

Why Support From Big Bloggers Matters

Probably one thing that really sets Koala Writer apart from other AI writers is the praise it has from big content writers like Jon from fatstacksblog.com. Because Jon and other big-name publishers are creating SO much content every month, they are working directly with the creators of Koala Writer to make the tool better with every release.

Other tools like copy.ai and WriteSonic seem to be moving in a different direction. They are adding new tools, templates, and integrations each month, which is awesome, but Koala Writer is different. It’s continuing to improve the quality of the content being produced. I often create an article with Koala Writer, read through it, make a few minor edits with Grammarly and post it to my niche site. It’s accurate, well formatted and generally free of fluff.

I’d recommend you try Koala, use up the 5,000 free words they offer, and then compare to Agility Writer or copy.ai to see what you think.

Comparison With GPT-3, Copy.ai, Jasper.ai And Writesonic

While each of these tools has its unique features and strengths, Koala.sh stands out for its user-friendly interface and SEO optimization capabilities.

Koala Writer$0 Free Trial – $9 – $2,000 per monthGPT-4 and GPT-3.5 *
Real-time search results integration
Live Amazon data for affiliate articles
KoalaWriter: 15,000 – 10,000,000 words per month
KoalaChat: 250 – 25,000 messages per month
Google Sheets Integration
API Access
Agility Writer$1 Trial – $25 – $w475 a month32 – 800 Credits per Month
1-Click Mode (1 Credit/article)
Advanced Mode (2 Credits/article)
Product Roundup Review (4 Credits/article)
Customize Outline
Factual Data
SEO Optimized
Bulk Article Ideas
Perfect Outline Builder
Catchy Title & Description
WriteSonic$0 – $12.97 – $666 per monthChatSonic: ChatGPT-like chatbot
100+ AI Templates
AI Article Writer
Botsonic – Custom ChatGPT chatbot
Browser extensions
1-Click WordPress Export
Zapier Integration
Landing Page Generator
Sonic Editor (Google Docs like Editor)
25+ Languages
Copy.ai$0 Free Trial – $36 – Custom5 user seats
Chat by Copy.ai
90+ copywriting tools
Unlimited projects
Priority email support
29+ languages
Blog Wizard tool
Access to newest features
Jasper.ai$0 Free Trial – $500 a monthJasper Chat
50+ AI templates
Browser extension
Support for 30+ languages
Contact a human in less than 10 minutes during business hours M-F 9am – 5pm CST.
Email support
All the best AI content writers compared April 2023


I’ve been using Koala.sh pretty much since it was launched and recommended by a number of Pro Bloggers. It’s fast, accurate, and continually updated with new features targeted to bloggers and SEO specialists. I love the super clean interface, and Koala is still the #1 tool I recommend to anyone wanting reliable ChatGPT content.

Is Koala.sh easy to use?

Koala is extremely easy to use. In fact, I’d say its the easiest AI content I’ve used to date.

Is Koala.sh Free?

Koala offers a free trail that gives you the ability to test creating a few content pieces.

Does Koala.sh use ChatGPT 3.5 turbo and ChatGPT 4?

It has the option to use either. If you use ChatGPT it will consume ore of your monthly credits.


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