We help EV & tech brands scale with email marketing so They can turn every email subscriber into 20-30x. 

Leverage the true power of email marketing.

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Dear eCommerce Store Owner,

Are you…

– Constantly juggling a million things at once

– Being pulled from one shiny object to the next, hoping it will improve profits & revenue

– Relying on Facebook & Google to bring you new customers

– Trying to integrate a loyalty program, without a clear direction
– Working on email design (when you have time)

– Sporadically sending emails to your whole list, without ever doing proper segmentation

– Struggling to get your customers to return and shop again…

If so, I’m glad you’re here.

Running a successful eCommerce brand is hard… really really hard.

There are so many moving pieces, between fulfillment, payroll, sales, marketing, partnerships… the list goes on and on.

Some days you probably feel like throwing in the towel because it all gets to be too much. 

Here is the truth of it all: Your email list holds the key. 

It’s not TikTok Ads. 

It’s not SEO.

It’s not influencers.

Implementing an email strategy, that generates repeat buyers, month after month is how you finally turn off the stress & anxiety you feel every day. 

It’s how you successfully build your business and grow it to the next level. It’s how you increase customer lifetime value and see all your hard work finally pay off.

It’s your highest ROI source.

It’s steady, constant and reliable.

And unlike paid digital ads platforms, it’s an asset you own and have full control over.

But you need the right email systems, flows, automation, and campaigns in place to make it all happen. And that’s where we come in.

We take a holistic approach to email marketing, helping you to retain more customers and increase your email ROI.

If you’d like help with implementing an email marketing that will give you the peace of mind you’ve been searching for, please click here and book a free 15-minute consultation to find out how we can help you.

How does it work?

Getting started is easy! With 3 simple steps, we’ll have you set up with powerful email automation & campaigns.

Step 1

Request a Free Audit

We’ll create a FREE 51 point email marketing audit of your existing store. From here we’ll tell you the quickest way to improve your ROI from email and what needs improving.

Step 2

Implement Proven Flows & Automations

Get our proven Klaviyo flows, SMS, Audience Segments, Loyalty program, and email marketing strategy implemented within 7 days. Watch your email revenue grow like crazy.

Step 3

Campaigns & Optimisation

Create monthly email marketing campaigns to your most engaged list segments, optimise your existing flows and improve every aspect of your email marketing for even more revenue.

Why Email Marketing

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, one platform still provides the highest ROI.


In fact, studies show that for every email on your list, the average return is 42x (even in 2023). Whilst platforms like Facebook & Google ad costs continue to rise, email marketing still provides the highest level of engagement, highest ROI, and highest return customer rate.

Investing in your email marketing strategies is one of the most reliable methods to grow your store’s recurring monthly income without having to spend more on paid ads or SEO.

What Your Missing

If your current Email marketing isn’t driving at least 20-40% of your monthly profits every single month, you’re missing something.

We created a unique set of email automations, flows, SMS, and campaigns that drive steady, reliable, and consistent revenue month and month, year after year. This automation can be implemented into your business within 7 days so you can experience a huge uplift in email revenue.

Our Passion

Unlike other email marketing agencies that service multiple niches, we follow our passion. We only work with Tech, Electronics, and EVs companies.

That means when you work with us, you’re connected with a team of Klaviyo experts who love the industry and stay up to date with the current trends & market developments. We speak your language and more importantly; we understand your audience.

$76k in less than 30 Days – Case Study

Read our case study to see how we used a powerful Klaviyo Welcome Sequence & automation setup to improve one store’s email performance by upwards of 76k in under a month.

See Our Work

Professional copy and graphic design email marketing services.

Klaviyo Marketing Experts

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We take the time to understand your brand voice to make sure your sales copy enticing and meaningful.

Flows & Automations

Get our powerful email flows, automations and campaign strategy delivered to your account within 7 days. Get an immediate return on your investment.

Monthly Campaigns

Have your next 12 months of email marketing campaigns planned, scheduled and sent to your best performing audiences.

Email Design

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Account Audit

How healthy is your current email account? If your marketing isn’t currently generating at least 20% from email, we can help you implement the necessary changes.

LTV Uplift

Increase your customer Life lifetime value by understanding the customer journey and optimising every step.


SMS still drives the highest ROI, but needs to be done the right way. We skillfully weave SMS into your automations, sales, and campaigns.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs can often an uplift in returning customers by 20-30%. We’ll help you implement a system that increases long-term growth and increased LTV.

MailChimp to Klaviyo

Moving your email marketing from Mailchimp to Klaviyo? Keep your segments, lists and VIP’s in tack with a simple and fluid ESP migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer email marketing strategy, consulting, design, automations, optimisations, loyalty program setup, campaigns, SMS and copywriting.

What if I already have email marketing?

Awesome! We can implement our proven email systems into your existing email service provider, so you increase your email revenue from 8-10% to 30-40% or more.

What’s the average return on email marketing?

Whilst it varies from industry to industry, the typical return on email marketing is 40x. To put this into perspective, Facebook ads has a 5x return on average.

How quickly can I get started?

Once we’ve scheduled a 15-minute consultant, and completed a free 51-point audit of your account, we can get started within 7 days of the contract being signed.

Do you create both email and SMS?

Yes! We can implement both email and SMS marketing into your business to drive the highest possible return for your store.

Does Klaviyo work with all eCom platforms?

Klaviyo works with most major eCom platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

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Request a Free 51 Point Klaviyo Account Audit

How well is your current email marketing working? Request a free 51-point Klaviyo (or other ESP) audit.

Inside the Audit you’ll find:

  • Core Flows
  • Email Deliverability Score
  • Segment Recommendations & Optimisations
  • A/B Split Test Review
  • Email Coupon Score
  • Spam Score
  • Copywriting Score
  • Returning Customer Rate
  • Pop-up Conversion Rate Score
  • Average Subscription Rate Score
  • Gmail Inbox Rate Score
  • Average Email Click-through Rate
  • Integrations Setup/Review
  • Reviews Application Score

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