How to Find Amazon Live Influencers Who’ll Promote Your Products

Looking for someone to promote your product on the Amazon platform? You need an Amazon Influencer!

Finding an Amazon Influencer to work with is a big part of your product’s success on the Amazon platform. I put together this guide to help you find the ideal Influencer and then setup a long term relationship where both parties benefit.

influencer program guide

This guide is beneficial for both brands and influencers alike – and there’s pointers for both parties below. Inside this guide you’ll find:

What is an Amazon Influencer

If you’re not already familiar, an Amazon Influencer is someone who creates content on the Amazon platform. This content is shoppable and generally includes photos, videos, and live video streams.

An Influencer has their own storefront that houses all their content and this gives them their own unique URL. An influencer typically has an existing following on other social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok or Instagram.

what is an amazon influencer and how do you work with them
Influencers love working with brands to promote products on Amazon.

Why You Want Someone To Review Your Product

As a product creator/vendor, there are many benefits to working with an Amazon Influencer. These include:

  1. Promotion of your products to an existing active audience
  2. High-quality video/image content (that would typically cost thousands to create)
  3. Real-life UGC (user-generated content) that’s sharable on social media platforms
  4. An increased conversion rate on Amazon product pages (that’s why Amazon is so focused on video content).
a simple guide to working with amazon influencers
A simple guide to working with Amazon Influencers

Is an Amazon Influencer Different Than A YouTuber or TikTok Creator?

Yes, an Amazon Influencer is different than a YouTuber or TikTok creator – simply because they’re creating content that’s platform specific. For example, I tend to make longer more detailed videos for YouTube because I know that my audience is generally looking for a more in-depth guide compared to someone already looking to purchase on Amazon.

Amazon Influencer TikTok Youtube Instagram

In digital marketing, we call this Top of Funnel vs. Bottom of the funnel. What it really means is someone watching content on Amazon is typically ready to purchase, they just want to see the product being used or hear someone’s personal experience beforehand.

I create Amazon-specific content which I sometimes cut down into YouTube #shorts or TikTok vertical content. I know a lot of other content creators are doing the same thing because content on Amazon will create passive income much quicker than YouTube, TikTok or Instagram.

I know a lot of other content creators are doing the same thing because content on Amazon will create passive income much quicker than YouTube, TikTok or Instagram.


Should you Expect To Pay For A Review?

Deciding how much you should pay an Influencer for the review can depend on a few things:

  • How popular the Influencer already is
  • How long they’ve been on the Amazon Influencer platform
  • How many products they’ve already reviewed
  • If they’re willing to review your product for you (sometimes your product might not be in their current niche)
  • If the Influencer already has products on their channel that are similar to yours

I’ve personally found that vendors should typically expect to pay anywhere from $50-$90 for a product review. Again, this depends on the experience of the Influencer and how established the brand is that wants the product reviewed.

If you’re a new brand, and you’re trying to promote your first product (that has zero reviews on Amazon), I would expect you’ll pay at least $50 to get an unboxing/review done. Sometimes newer influencers will do the review free of charge while they’re building their profile.

paying for an influencer review
Should you pay for an Amazon product review?

Honestly, it all comes down to the agreement between the brand and the influencer. I also think that the product needs to be a good fit for the Influencer you’re reaching out to.

I often don’t reply to emails/messages from brands who want to send me products I have no interest in. The email is impersonal and often feels like a copy/paste so they clearly haven’t done any homework on the type of products I like to promote.

I often don’t reply to emails/messages from brands who want to send me products I have no interest in.

– LUke

Using Influencers for Your FBA Products

FBA is obviously big business on Amazon – and for good reason. It’s a fantastic business model and something a lot of individuals get into if they’re considering a new business idea.

If you’re getting established with a new Amazon FBA product and you’re looking for a way to stand out from your competitors, providing your product to an Influencer is a great idea.

My suggestion if you do decide to reach out to someone:

  1. Do your homework FIRST
  2. Find Influencers who are already promoting products in your chosen Niche (beauty, health, children, electronics etc).
  3. Watch some of their content and get a feel for their personality
  4. Send them a personalized, warm and friendly email
  5. Find out if they’d be interested in reviewing your product and let them know you’d be happy to provide a free sample
  6. If you’ve got the funds available, you might also consider a revenue share (more on that here)
  7. Once they’ve received the product, ask for some honest feedback about it. See what they think needs improvement/changes.
  8. Build a proper relationship with the person and if they like the product ask if they’d be up to promoting it on an Amazon Live Stream for you. (this works really well for brands)

What Amazon Influencers Don’t Want

As someone who has been on the platform for a while, I tend to ignore requests from brands who sent me long emails with multiple PDFs attached. These are often cheap brands trying to flood the market. I’ve found that brands who take 5 minutes to watch my content, see what type of products I’m already reviewing, and then send me a personalized email will get my attention.

Finding a Niche Specific Amazon Product Tester

This probably goes without saying, but working with someone in a niche (health, fitness, electronics etc) is going to help vendors get more sales in the long run. If someone sends me a skin care product, I’m going to have a really hard time reviewing it because I don’t use skin products in my daily routine!

So, If you’re a vendor: Find products closely related to yours, and then click through to that influencer’s store page. From here you should be able to click through either their Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok Page. Other Influencers will list their website in their page description. I personally use WordPress with Siteground for my website.

What if the Influencer is outside of the US?

If you’re an Influencer and you’re living abroad or traveling and wanting to receive products, I have some good news. You can still receive products from the US (and international brands) using a service like myus.com.

MyUS.com is a fantastic shipping option that makes it easy to buy products from the US and have them shipped worldwide. With its wide selection of products, competitive pricing, and reliable shipping, MyUS.com is one of the best options out there. You can set up a US-based shipping address that’ll forward to your home address for a small cost.

Check my myus.com for more information!

Free Products For Product Reviews

As mentioned earlier, some influencers might accept a free product in exchange for a video review. This is something you’ll need to arrange with the influencer directly. The good news is this can often lead to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. I personally worked with a few brands that are still sending me quality products that resonate well with my audience. They also ask for my personal input on new products their working on, and ways to improve them before they come to the market. All in all, working with brands on the Amazon Influencer program is an excellent strategy for both the influencer and the emerging brand.

Sending Influencers Products

Sending the product to the Influencer is typically pretty simple and something that can either be done directly through your Amazon seller account, or through direct mail.

Because Influencers typically get multiple products in the mail each week, it’s a good idea to provide them with a tracking number or FedEx number with an estimated date of arrival.

I personally keep all of my items and tracking IDs in a Google Sheet so I can manage what’s coming and who it’s from. It’s also a good idea to grab the Amazon Product ID number so you can tag the product after you’ve reviewed it. (Something I learned the hard way lol 😝)

how to send products to amazon influencers

Setting Up A Revenue Share

In some cases, brands are willing to provide you with an additional revenue (affiliate) share, outside of what Amazon provides. This typically looks something like this:

  • They send you the product in the mail
  • You review it and tag their product inside your dashboard
  • At the end of each month, you provide a report that lists how many units of that product have sold
  • The brand then sends you a check/bank transfer for the affiliate’s income

This is obviously something you’ll need to organize with the brand, however, I’ve had numerous brands reach out to me asking to set up an affiliate partnership:

revenue share on amazon influencer
An email I received last week asking for affiliate share partnership.

Timeframes For Video Reviews

Timeframes for a video review will vary from each individual – but here’s a loose timeframe from my own personal experience:

Product Reviews:

  • Expect the product to take 3-10 days to arrive to the Influencer (depending on where they live)
  • Once the product arrives, if the person is busy it might take them another few days to even open the product
  • Once the product has been opened, it generally takes a few days to record the review. This might take longer if the product has lots of features – because they’ll need to actually use the product to get a good feel for it.
  • After that, they’ll need another few days to edit the video, and get it ready for uploading. So, I would expect between 2-4 weeks depending on how busy the person already is. Most influencers (once they get some traction) generally have multiple products arriving each week.
  • If you’ve asked the Influencer to upload to other platforms like TikTok, YouTube or Shorts – that could also take another day or so.

So you think you get the idea here… Creating quality videos takes TIME!

If you’re interested in checking out my top recommendations for Amazon Influencer courses, I also wrote a post about that here.

Amazon Live: This will depend entirely on the Influencer you decide to work with, as many stream 1-2 times a week, whereas others only stream every few weeks. Personally, I like to pre-plan my streams a few weeks in advance and have 5-10 products to showcase on the stream.

If a vendor does send me a product, I let them know it’ll take 3-5 weeks before I show it on a stream.

A typical live stream on Amazon tends to go for just over an hour, and most vendors like to have their product featured either at the beginning of the live stream or towards the end. I haven’t personally seen a huge boost in sales doing either option, but you might like to ask each vendor when they’d like the product to be featured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you reach out to Amazon Influencers?

Yes! Influencers love doing product reviews and product testing. If you have a quality product that’s a good match for their chosen industry/niche reach out to them.

Do Influencers expect payment for reviews?

Some do, some don’t. I would expect an Influencer who has been on the platform for 6-12 months to be pretty busy already, so they will more than likely ask for payment.

How do revenue shares work for Influencers?

You can work with an Influencer for additional share of products sold on Amazon each month. This ranges from 5-10% on top of what Amazon pays influencers.

What if you’re a new FBA seller/Amazon seller?

It’s still worth reaching out to Influencers if you have a quality product. If you’ve spent thousands on designing and creating a product that you know your audience will love, then YES, definitely reach out to them to do a review.


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